I can’t seem to sleep well recently and last night, I ended up cleaning my room. Yeah. At 12am. I just packed away all my books and bags. I have lots of bags! It’s definitely a sign that I need to stop getting so many. I got half of them from the Open House I go to. Anyway, different occasions require different kind of bags. Just like shoes. You can’t wear a pair of slippers to a formal presentation can you? But right now, I need to watch what I am spending on.

My room still looks the same as before, just a little more organised. Yeah. Whatever.

Nowadays, the funniest shit happens in German class. I attended the Saturday class, and we were doing a word search puzzle and guessing what word starts with B and ends with N. Since the theme was Food and Party, me and my friend, Steffi, thought it might be Bananen (Banana). So another classmate asked, “Why would you need banana to make a cake?” 

Me and Steffi just looked at each other in disbelief and said, “To make banana cake lah!” Like duh? We high-fived as we finished the sentence because we are cool like that. *Puts on black shades*

I was a little clumsy yesterday because of lack of sleep. And I kept on knocking things over, and just looking emo as Yi Xiang put it. So afterwards, he said to me, “Why do you look so emo today? You are so clumsy today. You keep on knocking things over. First, you knock over your own bottle, and then walked out, and then came back and knocked over the guy’s bottle. If this was in school, I wouldn’t have talked to you about this, I would have silently thought that it was a good/smooth move.”

If I had moves, I wouldn’t be single. But the way he pointed out, I can add that into my little book of smooth moves. Heheh! Anyway, the guy he was talking about wasn’t as cute as my Sebastian Stan. Like God just look at this!

*screams internally*

This picture is on my phone’s lock screen! Too bad, my phone can’t play gif, if not I would have put his smiling picture on my phone and iPod. Heehee. Ariff told me it was photoshopped. It’s not photoshopped!!! >.<

Now that I think about it, even if it is, he still looks drop dead gorgeous without it. 

I got this in my mailbox today! Graduation Ceremony on 28 May 2014! 

Taiwan: Transportation and Customer Service

Have you ever love something or someone so much that love turns into hate? Yeah. That’s how I feel about Sebastian Stan at this very moment. Like why is he so unattainable? It’s so frustrating! GAAAAHHH!!

These few days I am trying to get used to being back in Singapore. I am going to work tomorrow. It feels like I haven’t rested enough though. 

I don’t want to write about my trip to Taiwan day by day. That would just be boring and I wouldn’t be able to share my experience accurately and in detail. So I am just going to talk about the things that really got my attention or things I really want to talk about. There were good stuff and bad stuff that happened. I wished I had planned it better so that the bad stuff was kept to a minimum. Who knew that you have to plan to have fun? *shrugs* But hey! It’s a lesson learned anyway. Let the bad stuff and excess baggage from the trip go. *sings Let It Go*

There is obviously going to be a food post but it’s not going to be this post. 

It felt really good on my own without my parents. I can do whatever I want. But it was slightly intimidating because I was responsible for keeping myself safe and healthy. Taipei is actually quite safe for a young girl to visit and pretty accessible using the Taipei Metro and the bus. Have I mentioned that the seats in the bus are like arm chairs. Ok I am exaggerating. It’s not completely like an arm chair, it just looks like an arm chair and is really comfortable and spacious. Unlike the compact seats we have in our buses here. I believe I might be in love with the transportation system in Taiwan.

The cost of transportation in Taipei is about the same as in Singapore, slightly cheaper. Slightly. Paying for your bus fare in Taipei is another unusual experience. Some buses, you pay only once when you board. Some buses, you pay just once when you alight. Others, you tap your Easycard when your board and alight. I was fascinated really but I could see that it would get really frustrating for non-Chinese speaking tourist. LOL. 

I lost my EasyCard but this is what it looks like. You can get it at the convenience store at the airport. 

The people in Taiwan are pretty friendly and their customer service was and is exceptional. At first, I was uneasy at how the waiter/shop keeper tried to make you feel comfortable by making small talk. I was at Chili’s getting an Appletini because I never tried it before. For the record, Vodka was never my thing. You can never seem to mask the overpowering bitter taste of Vodka with anything. I think people drink it because it is one of the most popular hard liquor out there. It is just a personal opinion but if you are drinking the alcohol squinting your eyes with a bad aftertaste in your mouth, it is clearly not your thing.

Ok back to what I was going to say. Yeah. I ordered an Appletini, after the waiter, Johnny, served me with my drink. He just stood there and started explaining how he made the drink. I was like “Yeah. Yeah. You can go now. Oh why aren’t you going? I want to drink it already. Ok you aren’t going because I am not drinking it? Ok I am drinking it.Oh God! It tastes awful.”

He saw the look on my face, and said, “Oh. It’s not to your taste? I will get you a glass of water.” So he went off and got me a glass of water. Came back with it, and asked if I wanted juice to make the taste better. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is customer service. This is the kind of customer service I would pay 10% extra willingly, with no regrets or complaints. It’s not just limited to this restaurant. Almost every shop (not all, because perfection doesn’t exist) I went, I got pretty decent service. I love that they go the extra mile. Or maybe, this is what customer service is suppose to be like. Hmmm…I don’t know. I am just comparing it with Singapore as a benchmark. 

Anyway, eventually, he left me to do my drinking in peace and serve other customers. I ordered a Cajun Chicken Sandwich. I like how they told me it was going to be spicy. I mean I am Singaporean. Pfft! How spicy can it get. 

It was actually kind of spicy. Not like McSpicy burger spicy. It is Jalapeño spicy. Kind of peppery subtle burning spicy. Yeah, that’s what it tastes like. There is a difference. Actually, the McSpicy burger over there isn’t as spicy as the one in Singapore. It is just right but not so crispy though. Now I am craving for a McSpicy.

I thought I wasn’t going to make a food post today but I sort of went into it unconsciously. What I was going to say is Chili’s Singapore never warned me about this kind of thing. That is quality customer service for you right there. Mmm. 

Yeah. That’s all for now, I need to go off for dinner! Until the next post! 

Sunset Moments

After a couple of friendly elbow wrestling match with the Auntie sitting next to me on the plane over the armrest, I am back in Singapore!

Have you ever seen a sunset from up in the skies? 


From above the clouds, it just feels like you are hovering between Day and Night. Or rather, at that very moment, the concept of Day and Night is irrelevant. The orange sunset peeking out from behind the clouds together with the cloud formations reminded me of the pictures I have seen of the African landscape. I think what I saw was the purest and most unpolluted scenery Nature has to offer so far in my life. I couldn’t take a good picture because I am no professional photographer with a professional camera. I can’t describe properly what it looks like because I am no poet or accomplished writer. But if you ever have the chance to see a sunrise or sunset from above, you will understand. 

For that short duration of time, I felt at peace with myself. My mind is empty but clear.

Moral of the story - Get that window seat that you deserve!


It was a rather short flight from Taipei to Singapore. 

Have I ever mentioned how cheap Duty Free Liquor Store is at the airport? One bottle of Jägermeister was only $26. I swear I almost fainted when I saw the price tag. I bought my bottle for 3 times that price. I don’t drink it anymore, but it’s just a WTF moment for me. 

I bought a bottle of Choya Umeshu (Fruit Liqueur) for those special moments. 


It feels good to be back in Singapore but I miss the food and the friendly people in Taiwan! 

I didn’t post anything substantial because the WiFi in the hotel was really slow. I will probably write something over the next few days.