Here is a little update!

Have you guys ever eaten so many lozenges in such a short period of time that it seems like you are eating candy instead? Just me? Ok. Whatever. 

This is like the week where everything starts crashing down. I wished I had planned in advance, but ah! Fuck it! It’s not like I need a lot of sleep anyway. 

The German test is this Saturday and I really don’t have the time to go study for it. I mean I wasn’t a very good student in the first place. So if I don’t pass, I deserved it. :/

I am more excited about moving into my hostel (Hall 10) this Saturday! I am trying to pack the stuff that I need to bring over this Saturday. As for the other items, I think I will slowly bring over the following week.

There is just this special feeling about moving away to live by myself for an extended period. It’s not the first time for me, but somehow I really like the feeling of being independent. I always like to see how I can manage by myself without my parents. From previous experiences, I think I do ok. I think. 

These few weeks have been a struggle for me to write posts because I am doing this and that. Things like, going for NTU Fastforward camp, work, meet ups, work, sleep in, eat good food and more work. Yeah. I don’t even know why I am working so much when I should be enjoying my last few days of holiday. Oh yeah. I am poor. *sigh*

I won’t describe myself as a workaholic, but I won’t know what to do with so much free time on my hands. So…*shrugs*

I don’t think I will talk about the camp in this post, maybe during Saturday or Sunday when I have more free time. It was quite chill and that’s what makes it fun for me. I wish I had been more active in making conversations and interacting with my fellow campers. I don’t know. I am just an awkward little thing. *shakes my head*

There are so many things I want to talk about but my thoughts are just everywhere! EVERYWHERE!!!