Airport Essentials.




I’m at Changi Airport now. Taipei is about 4 hours flight away? I should be exploring Changi Airport but I am just sitting at Harry’s typing this post and discussing Spongebob Squarepants with Elaine. 

Some dude ordered a Corona Extra but didn’t drink it. What a waste! 

Everything is so much cheaper in here. I want to get that Victoria Secret’s Noir Tease body lotion when I get back. I should consider getting a camera too. All the shops are closing now at 12am. Heh! 

On long car trips or flights, I often find myself imagining adventures awaiting me at my destination. Well, that is just a small part because most of the time I am sleeping away. Do you think an adventure can be planned or it is an unexpected occurrence?

Maybe it’s how you define an adventure? 

Sit On It

You know what a sprained foot feels like? It feels like a muscle cramp that doesn’t stop cramping. 

I am flying tonight and feeling a little nervous. I just listening to some songs on Youtube and craving for ramen and macarons. Hopefully, I get to eat a hamburger tomorrow. 


I think I sprained my left foot. It’s always the same leg. My foot isn’t swollen but why does it hurt so much to walk? Oh great! Just great! Never mind that, I will just drop by the clinic, get some pain killers and be on my way.  

I love how soft my hair feels after hair treatment today. People, I think the short hairstyle isn’t working out for me. My features are too masculine. I am going to let my hair grow back. At age 19 going 20, I don’t want people calling me “Boy!” anymore.